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Peter F Hamilton - novelist, creator of the Commonwealth - Looking to tomorrow

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Peter F Hamilton - novelist, creator of the Commonwealth
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Manhattan in ReverseGC - You superimpose advanced technology over the familiar setting in such a way that it could be today in a parallel universe, particularly with Smart Dust monitoring everything. How do you feel about the increased surveillance society we are in?

PFH - It’s a mixed blessing. If it could help solve crime the way it does in the book, I’d possibly be more lenient about it. At the same time, I’m enough of an individualist to resent everybody being able to access anything they want about me. There is this dynamic with all surveillance, with all acquisition of data that I don’t quite know how to resolve.

GC - And sure enough, the Smart Dust doesn’t always work. Is that you channelling your hope that no matter what, we can still be a wee bit sneaky?

PFH – We can be a wee bit sneaky. It also reflects my frustration with some technologies, the computer that doesn’t boot up, the car that doesn’t start. It’s designed to start, it’s designed to boot up, it doesn’t always do it, it doesn’t always work, it isn’t always reliable.

GC - You said this was a standalone. I know with publishing dates you’re usually already on the next project. What are you looking at?

PFH - I’ve basically taken this year off writing the stuff I normally to do children’s books. I’ve just handed in the second one, and I’ve got to do another one in time for Christmas/New Year. And I don’t mean young adult, either, everyone just assumes, no, these are aimed at 8-12 year olds, but they’ll be fantasy books, or they’ll have a magical theme in them, and after that I’ve just signed up with Macmillan to do two more in the Commonwealth series.

GC - Fantastic. We shall look forward to that.

PFH - Thank you very much.

GC - Thank you so much for your time, Peter.

Great North Road is available now from Macmillan and is reviewed here, and his short story collection Manhattan in Reverse is reviewed here

Once again, thank you to Chloe from Macmillan for her kind assistance and support



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